IKA HBR 4 Control High-Temperature Heating Bath

Category Stirred / Circulating Baths
Manufacturer IKA
Country of manufacture the United States

The HBR 4 is a high temperature (up to 200°C) digital heating bath with a built-in magnetic stirrer to aid in circulation of the bath liquid and improved heat distribution.

The heating bath is noted for:

  • Cylindrical bath shape
  • Heating elements integrated into the bath base
  • Heat transfer media can be low-viscous oil (50 mPas) or water (H2O)
  • Useful volume: approx. 4 l
  • Heat output: 1000 W
  • Two carry handles
  • Infinitely variable safety temperature limiter according to DIN 12877
  • Double-jacketed mantle protection against burns
  • Digital display for target, actual and safety temperatures as well as speed
  • Integrated magnetic stirrer drive to circulate the tempering fluid, allowing for better heat distribution in the bath
  • RS 232 interface

The heating bath is delivered with an external temperature sensor PT 1000.60

    An intermediate bottom plate, which allows vessels to be inserted without obstructing movement of the magnetic stir bar, is optional but recommended.  A ring set cover, which acts as a lid, is also available.

    Key Attributes
    Type Stirred / Circulating Baths
    Incubation Yes
    Refrigeration No
    Temp Range (°C) Ambient to 200
    Capacity (L) 4
    Circulation Internal Only
    Brand IKA
    MaxFlow Rate (l/min) N/A
    Temp Stability (°C) ±1
    Timer No
    Alarms No
    Digital or Mechanical Digital
    Data connection No
    Tank Material Stainless Steel
    Sample Agitation No
    Media Racks Available No
    Warranty (years) 2
    Weight (lb) 9.7
    Width (in) 13.4
    Depth (in) 9.8
    Height (in) 13.4
    Manufacturer Specifications
    Heat output 1000 W
    Heating temperature range Room temp. - 200 °C
    Heat control stepless
    Controller oscillation (3 l water / 90 °C) 1 ±K
    Controller oscillation (3l Silicone oil / 50mPas / 150°C) 2 ±K
    Speed display LCD
    Speed control stepless
    Speed range 150 - 800 rpm
    Motor rating input 5 W
    Motor rating output 1 W
    Filling volume max. 4 l
    Filling point min. 20 mm
    Material in contact with medium stainless steel 1.4301
    Adjustable safety circuit min. 50 °C
    Adjustable safety circuit max. 210 °C
    Safety class DIN 12877 II
    Outer diameter 250 mm
    Inner diameter 200 mm
    Outer height 250 mm
    Inner height 160 mm
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 340 x 250 x 340 mm
    Weight 4.4 kg
    Permissible ambient temperature max. 40 °C
    Permissible relative humidity 80 %
    Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 20
    RS 232 interface yes
    Voltage 230 / 115 / 100 V
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Power input 1020 W

    Is the HBR 4 Control Heating Bath UL listed?

    No, it is not.



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