Why Your Chiller Might Not Be Holding Temperature

09 May 2018

Having a chiller not hold its temperature can be detrimental to the application it's being used for and frustrating for the user. We explore the potential reasons your chiller might not be holding temperature to help you identify the issue.

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When NOT to Use Water in a Bath and Why

12 April 2018

There are some obvious cases when using water in a bath is not appropriate, but there are a few more specific cases too. We explore some scenarios where one might be tempted to use water in a bath, explain why it would be a bad idea, and suggest alternative options.

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Choosing the Right Pump for Your Circulator and Chiller

11 January 2018

A pump well-fitted for your needs will enhance its lifetime and reduce its maintenance. There are many pump types available and deciding on the right one isn't always easy. We discuss and compare three common pump types: positive displacement, centrifugal, and turbine pumps.

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Keeping a Clean Water Bath

19 May 2017

Grease, dirt, and salts can quickly build up on the surface of water baths. Plus microbes love the environment it provides. We explain how clean your water bath properly and provide tips for you to limit the frequency with which it needs to be cleaned.

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Coolants to Use in Chillers and Baths

10 May 2017

Your choice of which coolants to use in chillers and baths will depend on a few parameters. We explore the factors you need to consider and suggest options for appropriate coolants as well as some of the pros and cons of each.

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