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Featured Water Baths

  • On sale
    A 20 liter equivalent dry metallic thermal bead bath, offering a consistent working temperature up to 80°C
    $1,535 USD   from   $1,291 USD
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    Features temperature pre-sets for one-touch selection of frequently used set-points.
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      $458 USD
  • No sale
    Dependable Temperature Control from -40°C to 200°C to meet the most demanding needs.
      from   $2,799 USD
  • On sale
    A low-cost incubated bath designed for accuracy and performance.
    $545 USD   $463 USD

New Water Baths

  • No sale
    Broad temperature range with integrated heaters -20 to 80°C in 13-39L 1/5-3HP
      from   $8,939 USD
  • No sale
    Ideal for cooling small laboratory equipment -10 to 30°C in 5L
      $5,338 USD
  • No sale
    Adjustable, precise PID temperature controller -20 to 40°C in 7-39L 1/2-3HP
      from   $8,025 USD
  • No sale
    Powerful with a wide range of cooling capacities and reliability. -20 to 40°C in 7-39L 1/5-3HP
      from   $4,760 USD