Just Works Guarantee: Terms & Conditions

Warranty terms generally require that the customer pay the expense of shipping the item back to the manufacturer for warranty repair. For items stamped with our Just Works Guarantee, Laboratory Supply Network agrees to pay the return shipping if the item requires warranty repair, so no costs are incurred by you, the customer.

We only give this guarantee to the most reliable products that we sell, and the products must have at least a 2-year warranty. We do this not only to save you money, but also to help you identify which products have a strong reputation for reliability and long, trouble-free lifespans.

Terms & Conditions

The Just Works Guarantee (the "Guarantee") is given to products at the discretion of Laboratory Supply Network ("LSN"), and may be added or removed at any time. The guarantee only applies to products which are labeled with the Just Works guarantee badge at the time the purchase is made.

The guarantee entitles customers to obtain a shipping label for the return of the guaranteed product ("Product") for the purposes of warranty repair by the manufacturer. Acceptance of a product for warranty repair is at the discretion of the manufacturer, and the buyer / customer must obtain a return authorization prior to the return of the item. Customer must obtain a shipping label from LSN; LSN is not obligated to reimburse shipping costs paid for by the customer. LSN retains the right to choose the carrier.

The Guarantee applies only to parcel shipments. Freight shipment costs are not included. LSN will make an effort to ensure that items which ship freight are not labelled with the Just Works Guarantee badge, however is not responsible for errors which may occur.

The Guarantee only applies to Products originally shipped to the customer at a US or Canada address and for which the return shipment will originate from from a US or Canada address.

The Guarantee will be rendered null and void if a guaranteed Product is damaged, destroyed, or otherwise rendered deviated from conformance with published specifications as a result of (i) accident, disaster or event of force majeure, (ii) misuse, fault or negligence of or by Buyer, (iii) alteration of, or tampering with, the Products by buyer (iv) use of the Products in a manner for which they were not designed (misuse), even if such misuse is foreseeable, (v) causes external to the Products such as, but not limited to, power failure or electrical power surges, (vi) improper storage and handling of the Products or (vii) use of the Products in combination with equipment not supplied by LSN.

Other terms and conditions of sale apply. Full terms & conditions of sale.