PolyScience Non-Refrigerated Recirculating Coolers

Category Chillers
Manufacturer PolyScience
Country of manufacture the United States of America

Quiet, energy-efficient heat removal. Available in both Liquid-to-Air models, PolyScience Recirculating Coolers deliver extremely quiet and energy-efficient heat removal. They provide significant cooling for set-points above ambient, without the energy consumption of refrigerated chillers.

Liquid-to-Air Cooling
Uses ambient air to cool your application. Heated process fluid is pumped through the unit's fan-cooled heat exchanger and returned to the process.

Liquid-to-Air Cooler Specifications

  • Working Temperature Range: Ambient +5° to 70°C 
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature: 70°C 
  • Cooling Capacity: 4000 watts based on 24°C Δ T (water)
  • An economical solution for applications where cooling fluid temperature is higher than ambient and temperature control is not required
  • Quiet liquid-to-air cooling
  • Positive displacement or turbine pump
  • Built-in low liquid level indicator

    Please note: PolyScience chillers are manufactured at the time the order is placed and have a 2-3 week lead time.

    Key Attributes
    Type Chillers
    Incubation No
    Refrigeration Yes
    Temp Range (°C) Ambient to 70
    Capacity (L)  
    Circulation External Only
    Brand PolyScience
    MaxFlow Rate (l/min) 8.1, 20.5
    Temp Stability (°C) ±0.4°C
    Timer No
    Alarms Yes
    Digital or Mechanical Digital
    Data connection No
    Tank Material N/A
    Sample Agitation No
    Media Racks Available No
    Warranty (years) 2
    Weight (lb) 132
    Width (in) 15
    Depth (in) 20.5
    Height (in) 22.4


    Manufacturer Specifications


    Pump 1/3 HP Positive Displacement 1/3 HP Turbine Pump
    Temperature Range Ambient to 70°C
    Cooling Capacity @ 20°C (W) 500 based on 3°C ΔT
    1000 based on 6°C ΔT
    2000 based on 12°C ΔT
    3000 based on 18°C ΔT
    4000 based on 24°C ΔT
    Power Requirements (V/Hz) 120/60
    Maximum Pressure psi (bar) 100 (6.9) 62 (4.3)
    Maximum Flow gpm (l/min) 2.4 (9.1) 5.4 (20.5)


    Liquid-to-Liquid (No longer available)

    Pump Turbine Pump
    Temperature Range Facility Water +10° to 60°C
    Cooling Capacity (W/BTU) 15,000 / 52,855 based on 15°C ΔT
    10,000 / 34,100 based on 10°C ΔT
    4,500 / 5,345 based on 5°C ΔT
    Power Requirements (VAC/Hz) 200-240 / 50-60 (plug for 230V)
    Maximum Pressure psi (bar) 100 (6.9)
    Maximum Flow gpm (l/min) 3.5 (13.2)

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