CORIO C 9L Open Heating Bath Circulator

Category Stirred / Circulating Baths
Manufacturer Julabo
Country of manufacture Germany

CORIO C-BT9 Open Heating Bath Circulators for internal temperature applications with transparent or stainless steel bath tank options. Open heating bath circulators are designed for internal applications in the circulator bath. The transparent models on this page are equipped with bath tanks made of Plexiglas® or Makrolon®. The circulator can be removed for easy cleaning of the bath tanks.

Available accessories include a variety of test tube racks, immersion-height adjustable platforms and cooling coils (sold separately). 


  • Working temperatures from +20 to +100°C
  • Bright, white, easy to read display
  • Models for internal applications
  • Very quiet
  • for internal applications
  • Precise temperature control


    Key Attributes
    Type Stirred / Circulating Baths
    Incubation Yes
    Refrigeration Accessory only
    Temp Range (°C) A +20 to 100
    Capacity (L) 6 to 9 l
    Circulation N/A
    Brand Julabo
    MaxFlow Rate (l/min) 6
    Temp Stability (°C) ±0.03
    Timer Yes
    Alarms Yes
    Digital or Mechanical Digital
    Data connection N/A
    Tank Material Plexiglas/Makrolon
    Sample Agitation No
    Media Racks Available No
    Warranty (years) 1
    Weight (lb) 8.6
    Width (in) 12.6
    Depth (in) 15
    Height (in) 15


    Manufacturer Specifications

    Dimensions 12.6 x 15 x 15 in.

    Filling volume 6 ... 9 l

    Weight 8.6 lbs

    Working temperature range +20 ... +100 °C

    Temperature stability ±0.03 °C

    Setting the resolution of the temperature display 0.1 °C

    Temperature display resolution 0.01 ... 0.1 °C

    Ambient temperature +5 ... +40 °C 

    Data based on voltage version: 115V/60Hz (Nema N5-15 Plug)

    Heating capacity 1 kW

    Viscosity max. 1 cST

    Circulation capacity flow rate 6 l/min

    Usable bath opening 9.1 x 5.9 / 5.9 in.

    Cooling coil accessory only

    Classification according to DIN12876-1 Classification I (NFL)

    IP Code according to IEC 60529 IP 21

    Pump type Immersion Pump

    Temperature control PID1

    Absolute temperature calibration 1 Point Calibration

    Temperature display LED

    Temperature setting Keypad


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