Bransonic B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner

Category Ultrasonic Bath
Manufacturer Branson
Country of manufacture Mexico
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Branson's small ultrasonic cleaners are compact and stylish, with the convenience of plug-in-anywhere operation. The cleaner uses ultrasonic energy (40 kHz) in the form of sound waves to create millions of tiny microscopic bubbles in the solution that even works its way into holes and hidden cavities, loosening dirt on all surfaces that the solution touches. These actions, called cavitation occurs thousands of times per second to gently yet thoroughly scrub contaminations off the article being cleaned. When you lift the item out of the cleaner, it’s microscopically clean.

The B200 contains a stainless steel tank with a 15-ounce capacity. This versatile unit features a 5-minute timer that shuts off automatically. All you need to do is add the appropriate solution for your application, clean your parts, and follow with a thorough rinse.

The B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner comes complete with cover and basket.

Please note: There is a 1-week lead time for all Branson ultrasonic baths.

Key Attributes
Type Ultrasonic Bath
Incubation No
Refrigeration No
Temp Range (°C) Ambient
Capacity (L) 0.443603
Circulation None
Brand Branson
MaxFlow Rate (l/min) N/A
Temp Stability (°C) N/A
Timer Yes
Alarms No
Digital or Mechanical Mechanical
Data connection No
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Sample Agitation Ultrasonic
Media Racks Available No
Warranty (years) 2
Weight (lb) 3
Width (in) 8.7
Depth (in) 4.5
Height (in) 5
Manufacturer Specifications


Model B200 Specifications (15 Ounce Capacity)

Overall Size

8.7" x 4.5" x 5"

Tank Size

6.5" x 3.5" x 2.2"


3 lbs


40 kHz


Does the B200 have a drain valve?

No, it does not.


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