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Jeio Tech HX General Recirculating Coolers

Category Chillers
Manufacturer Jeio Tech
Country of manufacture South Korea

Providing a constant temperature control and high cooling efficiency.
Models: HX-20/20H/25/25H/35H/45H/55H


  • Temperature range from 3°Cto 40°C.
  • High cooling capacity up to 7.1kW at 20°C.
  • Powerful circulating pumps up to 40L/min., 4.3 bar.
  • Refrigerating system is designed to reduce energy consumption and maximize refrigerating efficiency.
  • Pump pressure can be controlled using a by-pass function. (for H type)


  • Clear and easy-to-use LCD display. (resolution 0.1°C)
  • Bright LED water level indicator can be seen from a distance.
  • Built in pressure gauge for checking pump pressure at a glance.
  • High/low pressure gauges for condition diagnosis of refrigerating system at a glance. (for H type)
  • Wide filling inlet for easy and safe pouring of solution into the unit.
  • Suitable model is selectable between magnetic pump, centrifugal pump.
  • Double service valve prevents refrigerant leakage for easy maintenance.
  • Removable gridded vent for easy maintenance of condenser.
  • Built-in casters for easy transport and installation.


  • Self-diagnostic function identifying errors.
  • Complete safety protection system with warning alarms.
    • Low fluid level and dry-running protection; when triggered shows an error symbol on the display and an audible buzzer sound.
    • Over-temperature protection; If the equipment operates at over maximum temperature due to external environment, user can simply identify the error with a visual signal or an audible buzzer sound.
    • Over-current circuit breaker.
  • Eco-friendly R-404A refrigerant use for environmental protection.
  • Splash-proof keypad.

Please note: Jeio Tech recirculating coolers are generally not stocked in the US, are built-to-order in Korea, and are shipped via ocean freight. An 8-12 week lead time should be expected.

    Key Attributes 
    Type Chillers
    Incubation No
    Refrigeration Yes
    Temp Range (°C) +3 to 40
    Capacity (L) 35 or 45
    Circulation External Only
    Brand Jeio Tech
    MaxFlow Rate (l/min) 40 or 28
    Temp Stability (°C) ±1°C
    Timer No
    Alarms Yes
    Digital or Mechanical Digital
    Data connection No
    Tank Material N/A
    Sample Agitation No
    Media Racks Available No
    Warranty (years) 1 (2 years after submission of warranty registration card)
    Weight (lb) 205-309
    Manufacturer Specifications 
    Model HX-20 HX-25 HX-20H HX-25H HX-35H HX-45H HX-55H
    Temperature1)(bath fluid : water) Working temperature range (℃ / ℉) +3 to 40 / +37.4 to 104
    Temperature stability at 15℃ (±℃ / ℉) 1 / 1.8
    Cooling capacity(bath fluid : water) at 20℃ (kW) 1.9 2.4 1.9 2.4 3.6 4.7 7.1
    at 10℃ (kW) 1.4 1.7 1.4 1.7 3.1 3.6 5.1
    at 5℃ (kW) 1 1.4 1 1.4 2.4 2.9 4.2
    Pump Max. flow rate(L / min, gal / min) 40 / 10.6 28 / 7.39
    Max. pressure (bar / psi) 1.43 / 20.74 4.3 / 62.37
    Dimension Max. filling capacity(L / cu ft) 35 / 1.24 45 / 1.59
    For tubing dia.(mm / inch) 20 / 3/4
    Filling inlet(Ø, mm / inch) 50 / 1.9
    Overall (W×L×H, mm / inch) 620×785×990 / 24.4×30.9×39 745×800×1095 / 29.3×31.5×43.1
    Net weight (kg / lbs) 93 / 205 101 / 223 97 / 214 105 / 231 120 / 265 130 / 287 140 / 309
    Electrical requirements (230V, 60Hz) 8.5A 9A 9.3A 9.8A 15A 19A  -
    Electrical requirements (120V, 60Hz) 17A 22A  -  -  -  -  -
    Electrical requirements (380V, 60Hz)  -  -  -  -  - 10A 11.5A

    1) Technical data according to DIN 12876
    2) HX-45H, 55H is recorded by 380V, 60Hz.
    ※ Above specification value is recorded by 50Hz.
    ※ Product performance may be affected by ambient temperatures


    The manufacturer's specifications state that the tubing connection is a 3/4" connection. What type of connection is it?

    It is a threaded female fitting. You could therefore use, for example, a 3/4" male to barbed fitting to connect tubing to it. The image below shows such a fitting.

    3/4" male threaded to barbed fitting


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