Cooling / Booster pumps for Immersion Circulators

Category Stirred/Circulating Baths Accessories
Manufacturer Julabo

Recommended cooling installations, booster heater and pumps for the Julabo Heating Immersion Circulators.

Cooling coil for counter-cooling: Compatible with Julabo Models : ED, EH, MB, MA, ME

Note: cooling coil must be connected to the water mains using tubing (sold separately), connect the cooling coil to a sink, a water flow rate of 100 ml/minute is sufficient to compensate for the characteristic temperature or applications near ambient temperature (20 °C), the cooling water temperature should at least be 5°C below the working temperature.

Pump set (for external temperature application): The circulator is used for temperature application to external, closed systems (loop circuit). 

Solenoid valve for cooling water: Compatible with Julabo Models : MB, MA, ME
MVS solenoid valve controller for cooling water: Compatible with Julabo Models : MB, MA, ME
By installing the MVS controller and a solenoid valve, sudden temperature increases can be rapidly reversed by tap water flowing through the (separate) built-in cooling coil. For applications requiring constant near-ambient temperature, tap water is thus only used in small amounts. The circulator provides the necessary control pulse via the connector.


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